Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Not That Good A Comic--Fallout: New Vegas, All Roads

Fallout: New Vegas--All Roads
A prequel comic that sets up the story for Fallout: New Vegas that came with the collector's edition of the game and can be bought online as a digital download or something; I wasn't that impressed. Why? Let's continue...

The artist for some reason changes every 3 pages back and forth...and my question is why? That statement, "why?" keeps popping up throughout the book. Why does this group seem to wander aimlessly before the story comes to an anti-climatic conclusion of them waiting for the game's story to start? Why does the guy name Chance take the vial from the Vegas-fellow who clearly has it out for him? Why does this book even really exist?

The art for the cover is nice, and the interior art isn't bad but as I said it keeps changing and it's a bit jarring. As stated though, the book seems to lack any purpose and just sort of meanders around before coming to a conclusion. There is a big fight scene but it serves little purpose other than to fill some pages and establish that one character can't get over something in the past--which is repeatedly stated by other characters numerous times beforehand anyways. I just didn't really enjoy this much at all, other than it sometimes looking good. As a bonus item in the Collector's edition which comes with little poker chips and the like, this is fine, but rated as an actual comic, its sub-par.
2 out of 5 stars.

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