Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Moreso Links I Found Interesting Than A News Round-Up

Some links to things I found interesting for some reason or another.

  • It's not a secret I love the Osborn mini-series, so when I saw CBR had a big piece about it and its writer, Kelly Sue Deconnick I was overjoyed.
  • Also, there is a good interview she did some weeks ago that I finally remembered to share now.
  • An interesting piece about the upcoming Venom mini-series by Rick Remender and Tony Moore, a team-up I always love so I'm going to give this comic a shot despite my reservations.
Gay Character in Comics
  • Dorian Wright observing how writers are at least trying to show diversity in comics--in this case in regards to sexual orientation. Now if DC would just stop killing off its characters that aren't white and straight.

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