Tuesday, April 11, 2023

Al Jaffee Has Died at 102

Al Jaffee has died at 102. He was a man who worked with Will Eisner, Stan Lee, and many other greats but is quite possibly best known for those two words that describe a staple of, "Mad Magazine." Those words, of course, would be, "Fold-In." Created as a spoof of big fold-outs in magazines like, "Playboy," or, "National Geographic," Jaffee made a gag that you could see by folding two halves of, "Mad Magazine," together and he kept making them for decades. The man outlived, "Mad Magazine," itself when it essentially ended beside the occasional special issue. As someone who grew up on, "Mad Magazine," and did countless fold-ins I am saddened to hear of Jaffee's passing, but man, what a long and amazing life he lived.

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