Monday, April 3, 2023

Hey, that Trailer for, "Blue Beetle," Makes it Look Pretty Fun

DC is due to have a planned-out cinematic universe with James Gunn and Peter Safran at the helm. However, right now it is a bit of a mish-mash of projects that might count in the future, or maybe won't (perhaps bits and pieces, it is up for debate). "Black Adam," and the second, "Shazam," movie were disappointments and inspired a wild degree of blaming and angry words from folks involved in the flicks. With all of that baggage, you'd worry the upcoming, "Blue Beetle," movie--which is still happening--might just seem weighed down or suffer from being nitpicked by folks wondering, "What counts in this?" However, the trailer just came out and it looks like it is actually quite fun. Check the trailer below:

See what I mean? It has a nice lighthearted vibe without outright seeming overloaded with jokes. The special effects are nice too as I worried they would seem lower-budget considering this movie originally was going to be an HBO MAX exclusive but plans shifted to give it a theatrical release (the same plans that locked, "Batgirl," away in a vault, but I digress). The movie seems situated in DC's film universe (whatever it is) to some degree with a funny Batman reference in the trailer at the end but is not ultra-reliant upon other DC properties. Xolo MaridueƱa looks to be a great Jamie Reyes and George Lopez seems to be game for superpowered shenanigans as Reyes' Uncle Rudy. "Blue Beetle," will be in theaters this August 18th, so hopefully it is as good a time as the previews indicate.

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