Wednesday, April 26, 2023

Missouri's Attorney General Has Basically Made it Illegal to be Transgender

Update: A Missouri judge has temporarily blocked the rule from going into effect. Hopefully, it can be struck down soon.

The right-wing politicians were going after gender-affirming care for those under 18. They said it was about protecting, "Confused kids," and that they'd never dream of trying to prevent adults from making healthcare decisions. If someone were over 18 of course they could get care to have their body match their gender. I and others said that was a lie and saying they were, "Protecting the children," as an excuse would lead to the persecution of Trans adults. Well, the Missouri Attorney General, Andrew Bailey, has made it so that anyone who isn't already receiving gender-affirming care will have to jump through a ton of hoops to get hormones, surgery, etc. The rule goes into place this week. They'll have to have years of documentation, be able to prove they don't have depression or autism (because apparently having autism means you can't also be Trans) and give up any medical privacy to get the care they need. It is basically illegal in Missouri to be Transgender, and that's not hyperbole. 

If someone is already getting care they are exempt from these new rules, in theory, but it is only a matter of time before further attempts are made to persecute anyone who is Trans and trying to do anything to affirm their gender. This rule will most likely be challenged and struck down because folks have pointed out that even a cisgender woman getting a breast implant could count as gender-affirming care and fall under these bogus rules. Still, in the meantime, a bunch of children and adults will suffer. The hateful Conservatives who claim to want personal liberty for everyone will continue to strip Transgender individuals of any rights and then they'll continue their quest and go after anyone who falls under the LGBTQ+ umbrella (it astounds me to see some Gay Men and Women essentially shrug with indifference at what is happening to our Trans friends as if they aren't next in the political crosshairs). It's a mess and I'm disgusted with many politicians in our State and will work with others to make sure Andrew Bailey is kicked out of office as soon as his position can be voted upon again. It saddens me that until this rule is struck down or he's gone so many people will suffer due to this man's hatred. It stinks, simple as that.

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