Saturday, April 1, 2023

April Fool's Day, the Worst So-Called Holiday, is Here. Don't Do These Pranks...

Do you know what day I have discussed hating on this blog? April Fool's Day! If people did cute little jokes it would be fine, but folks always do really dangerous/stupid/mean pranks. The news always has reports of pranks gone wrong resulting in break-ups, injuries, or even deaths. In, "Honor," of some of the worst attempts at humor, I have a short list of pranks to never, ever do:

1. Don't say you're pregnant. Just don't, it is a lazy attempt at a joke and hurts the feelings of those who can't conceive or have lost a pregnancy/child.

2. Don't say you're sick or fake a death. Pretending to have COVID-19, cancer, or any other ailment is not funny. Plus, if barely anyone even expresses they care you're sick or suddenly died you'll now have to deal with the fact your friends dislike you and you tricked them.

3. Don't fake a break-up or engagement/marriage. These are lame and more of a desperate cry for attention for your lame relationship than humorous. With that in mind...

4. Don't fake-tell your partner you're cheating or fake-propose to them. At least with the above prank your boyfriend/girlfriend is involved and not suffering. This is just cruel to someone you supposedly care about.

5. Don't do a hurtful prank, at all. Just don't. Seriously, on a day everyone is expecting stupid pranks how about you simply just don't do a dumb one. It is hard to play a joke on someone that avoids being hurtful and/or stupid, so just choose to be a decent being. The ultimate surprise you can give everyone on April Fool's Day is to not engage in mean foolery. If you absolutely have to do a trick, make it something nice. Surprise someone with a gift and say it is an April Fool because they did not expect something nice that day, for example. Please, just don't do something idiotic.

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