Sunday, April 16, 2023

Whatever Happened to LMFAO?


Do ya'll remember LMFAO? They were a music group that made songs about having fun via dancing, drinking, and so forth. The duo was hugely popular, even appearing at the Super Bowl with Madonna in 2012. Then they just disappeared--party rock was no longer in the house. What happened?

Well, from what I can find they went on a, "Hiatus," later in 2012 and just never really got back together. Redfoo and SkyBlu (that is what they, in fact, went by) apparently had some negative feelings towards each other and despite giving off the appearance of always having fun and partying, there were power struggles and general anger between the two fellows--who are actually related with Redfoo being the uncle of SkyBlu. LMFAO just basically called it quits without officially saying they were done.

Since the non-breakup breakup, Redfoo was a judge on the Australian version of, "The X Factor," put out a solo album in 2016 to little press, took up tennis again, and did, "Dancing with the Stars." SkyBlu changed his name/persona to FxckYeah and released solo albums in 2013 and 2016. The two men do still have a social media presence and seem to follow each other and interact online as well as in person.

You never know when a music group that seems to have parted ways will reunite, so I'd imagine it is not totally out of the question for LMFAO's guys to wake up one day and realize that planet Earth needs some party rockin' more than ever. I may not happen anytime soon or even at all, but perhaps someday we'll be gifted some new feel-good jams from LMFAO and we'll all be able to chant, "Everybody just have a good, good, good time!"

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  1. I miss them and the 633 please come back to me I need a party xxx