Thursday, April 27, 2023

Oh Dear, IDW is Possibly Collapsing

I've written a number of times regarding my concerns when it comes to the entertainment company IDW and its publishing division. They've put out a lot of great comics over the years but have also been struggling. As of today, the crap has hit the fan. 39% of the staff (so basically 2/5th was laid-off and the company took itself off the New York Stock Exchange. Essentially all of PR/Marketing and half of Editorial were shown the door. The remaining staff is apparently making sure anyone creating comics or doing other business endeavors with IDW should not worry. The company is not imploding and this is just a massive reorganization...or so they say. Can IDW be saved? Will this serve as the moment where things turn around or just delay the end of IDW? I honestly don't know. I just hope anyone who did lose their job in this purge is able to find another one without too much difficulty.

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