Thursday, April 6, 2023

Jonathan Hickman and Valerio Schiti Are Revamping the Eternals

I think this news was revealed a tiny bit ago but I just heard it and am intrigued! You see, Jonathan Hickman has given us some epic stories with his creator-owned titles and at Marvel. He had a superb run on, "Fantastic Four," and, "Avengers," which led to, "Secret Wars." Then, he and artist Valerio Schiti totally revamped the X-Men with, "House of X/Powers of X," and that status quo is still ongoing where many mutants live on the island of Krakoa. Hickman and Schiti are now going to be doing a brand-new take on the Eternals with, "G.O.D.S." We recently had the Eternals tweaked during that big, "A.X.E. Judgement Day," event and now in the Fall of this year, we will read about how, "G.O.D.S. takes place in its own special corner of the Marvel Universe — in the cracks that lie at the intersection of science and magic," according to Hickman. More details will be revealed with a preview of, "G.O.D.S." in the upcoming Free Comic Book Day release from Marvel.

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