Saturday, April 29, 2023

"Worldtr33," #1 is Off to a Scary and Strong Start

James Tynion IV has written quite a number of hit comics and has teamed with skilled artist Fernando Blanco to give us quite the creepy debut issue for, "Worldtr33." Published by Image, it was delayed/recalled due to a printing issue but now it is officially out. It follows a secret part of the world wide web known as the Undernet--and the danger it poses. There's a strange naked woman named PH34R who seems to be in its thrall and other folks exposed to it also become quite... unwell. The Undernet was stopped once before in 1999 and sealed away thanks to something called Worldtr33. However, in very-near-future 2024 it is back.

"Worldtr33," is extremely violent, super creepy, and sets up quite the mystery of how exactly the Undernet was discovered and if it can be stopped (as well as how bad things will be should it spread). Blanco's artwork really shines, especially in the segments where people are first, "Exposed," to the Underweb and the styling gets all scratchy and weird like a VHS tape skipping. One can only wonder just how twisted things might get as the series continues and more is revealed about the Undernet and if, "Wordltr33," can stop it. It's going to be a twisty ride.

4 out of 5 Stars.

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