Sunday, April 30, 2023

This Newest Edition of, "The Agency," by Katie Skelly is Superb

I've reviewed a number of stellar works by Katie Skelly, and back in 2018 I gave a glowing review of her short stories that were part of, "The Agency." Originally webcomics on the feminist and sex-positive site, Slutist, the stories centered on mysterious agents who often found themselves in fantastical and sexual situations. Whether getting a massage from a living skeleton in outer space or infiltrating a BDSM-styled secret base in the jungle, the stories were all quite fun, funny, and a bit erotic without being especially graphic or raunchy. I am pleased that, "The Agency," has now been republished and includes a new extra story featuring a boring date (they're obsessed with cryptocurrency) that takes a saucy turn thanks to one of the well-known, "Agents," arriving at a nightclub.

Katie Skelly recently did an interview with Dustin Holland at CBR discussing, "The Agency," as well as her other works. It's an interesting piece and gives some fun insight into the creative process that went into making the short story-styled pieces that make up the book--including the new sorry in the collection I mentioned. Hearing Skelly say she was nervous to do the original strips in, "The Agency," is interesting because the stories themselves feature characters so intriguingly self-assured and full of confidence. You don't seek any hesitation on the page, you just marvel at how superb each piece is. I continue to be as big a fan of, "The Agency," in 2023 as I was when the first stories were released online and then printed. I'm ecstatic these pieces have a new edition (with that new story) so that even more people can check out, "The Agency," and enjoy how wild it is!

5 out of 5 stars.

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