Thursday, April 6, 2023

Hot Comics Revue 14--A Quick One

I've got a shorter edition of, "The Hot Comics Revue," for everyone today. I'm just going to touch upon a single comic, but boy is it a hot issue. You see, "Spider-Man #7," was released this week and featured a new Spider character who managed to capture everyone's attention. Known as Spider-Boy, he has no relation to the one that DC and Marvel created together in the 90s for their Amalgam Universe. 

As I understand it, he's from the regular Marvel Universe and not from some other reality (like a chunk of Spider-verse characters). He just was forgotten as existing by everyone, kind of like the Sentry--I guess? The regular cover of, "Spider-Man #7, is a bit hot but the, "B," cover which features Spider-Boy being spoiled as appearing has been selling for $25-$30 already online after being out a matter of days. Here's what it looks like:

Spider-Boy seems to be the new hot character in the same manner Tosin from, "Black Panther," had some fire behind him for a bit (and still has some). A second printing has been announced and I guess if he sticks around in stories Spider-Boy may only grow in popularity. That, or he'll crater like some, "It," characters who quickly ran out of steam. You just never know, and that is part of the fun!

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