Sunday, April 2, 2023

The Debut issue of, "Waller VS. Wildstorm," is a Fun Spy Thriller

I don't currently read a ton of DC titles but do like to sample the Black Label imprint books as they tend to be a lot more experimental and can tell some fascinating stories. The latest Black Label imprint title is, "Waller VS. Wildstorm," which follows a number of characters both working for and against Amanda Waller--someone often portrayed as being arguably one of the most dangerous non-powered people in the DC Universe. The comic follows a new-to-the-Daily-Planet Lois Lane in the Cold War era as she covers a tropical island in the midst of a political upheaval. She finds herself covertly meeting with Jackson King--a higher-up at the organization known as Checkmate--and learns a whole lot of shady stuff is going on thanks to Waller.

This is the comic-book debut of writer Spencer Ackerman, a National-security reporter. He gives us a story of political corruption full of hush money and power not too unlike the real World, just with some superpowers involved as another resource people are fighting over as well. Eric Battle provides some superb art, illustrating Lane and King conversing at a cafe as expertly as when a moment of action occurs where powered entities engage in combat. As this is the first issue only so much of the surface is scratched but it is clear that Amanda Waller is a power to be reckoned with. Whether the interestingly tweaked Wildstorm characters we witness will be able to take her on or end up all working for her remains to be seen, but I'm quite curious about where future issues will take us!

5 out of 5 stars.

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