Tuesday, October 13, 2020

I Accidentally Manipulated the Comic-Book Market This Week

I am a fan of the works of Donny Cates. I just wrote how even if he seems to really be pushing that new Knull character, I figure he'll do a good job as so many of his works are great. I was a huge fan of some of his first comics, such as, "Buzzkill," and, "The Paybacks." I was sitting around the other day wondering if those characters would ever be written again so I tweeted at him, politely asking if we'll ever see more. He tweeted back to read his upcoming comic, "Crossover," and that made me happy to think some of his past works would be popping-up in his new big comic. I went to bed and that was that, or so I thought.

The next day I was flipping through the, "Key Collector," app for fun as I enjoy doing. I saw they had a post how Donny Cates had just hinted that past characters from his other works such as, "Buzzkill," might appear in, "Crossover." I immediately realized this post came about due to my tweet at him. I looked at sites like eBay and sure enough, "Buzzkill," and to a lesser degree, "The Paybacks," were suddenly hot books. I had inadvertently manipulated the comic-book market this week with an innocent little tweet at Donny Cates. 

There is no exact moral to this story, just me having a firsthand account of how a simple tweet can cause a lot of market-madness. I apologize to anyone who had to pay a bunch extra to get a copy of, "Buzzkill," and say, "You're welcome," to the folk who were able to make some extra scratch selling their spare copies. I honestly didn't mean to manipulate the comic-book market, but 2020 has been a weird year for sure.

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