Thursday, October 15, 2020

Terrific Production LLC. Wasn't Just a Dumb Company, it Was Apparently Quite Malicious

Remember some time ago there was that random comic-book publisher--Terrific Production LLC.--which had never actually published a comic and inexplicably bought the rights to Rob Liefeld's comic, "Youngblood," as you maybe recall? It was before COVID-19 so it probably feels like this all happened eons ago. Websites like Bleedingcool relentlessly made fun of Terrific Productions for lacking even a website and just having a Twitter account that between crimes against grammar managed to piss off everyone in the field of comic-books with bizarre offers to creators to come make a comic for them. The company seemed to be one man with some past experience in comics--Andrew Rev--acting like a total fool. It was more of a joke than a real company, we all said. Nobody could have taken it seriously or actually be done harm by this lark, right? Well, Beth Elderkin has quite the eye-opening piece for you.

Titled, "Comics, Contracts, and Covid: Inside the Scandal at Terrific Production," the article examines how Rev/Terrific actually managed to trick a number of those hoping to make comics into predatory and insulting contracts, lying to plenty of folks and getting a lot of work for basically none of the money he should have paid. Rev comes across less like a clown and more like a con man who knows you'll underestimate him and takes full advantage of it. This whole fiasco is disgusting and no one should support any comics from Terrific Production if they ever actually get something published. Since the article was published others have observed Terrific/Rev has not taken the criticism well. Whenever light hits cockroaches they do tend to get upset.

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