Wednesday, September 30, 2020

Wow, Chewy Has Great Customer Service

I was shocked by Chewy the other day--in a good way. I was trying to figure something out about some cat food and could not find an answer on the website. The site gave a number to call. I called it, and a human answered, asking how she could help me. I was quite surprised. No automated menu, no robo-voice I had to repeatedly yell, "Associate!" at, just a lady answering the phone ready to answer my cat food question. It was impressive. She helped me with my problem and within a few minutes, the phone call was done, with me knowing which cat food our kitties needed. Why can't more websites be this easy and direct? It would be wonderful if I could get in contact with AT&T anytime our television is acting-up with this much ease and a lot less navigating confusing phone menus. I appreciate you, Chewy, thanks for having great customer service.

Note: This is an opinion post, Chewy did not pay me for this and is not even aware I have a blog.

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