Thursday, September 24, 2020

My In-Depth Review of the Spicy Chicken McNuggets

I should not eat as much fast food as I do. I am behaving better, but still have a soft spot for such food as McDonald's Chicken McNuggets and their french fries. I don't think it is exactly a brag so much as a pitiful plea for help to admit I am a McNugget connoisseur. That is why the announcement that McDonald's would be bringing us a spicy Chicken McNugget perked my ears up. I was excited to try it and see if it does one of three things:

1. Improves upon the plain McNugget and is even better--like how Mountain Dew Code Red is better than the regular version.

2. Is worse than the plain McNugget and makes it less good--like how Mountain Dew Livewire is worse than the regular version.

3. Is tasty and equally good as the plain McNugget, just different--like how Mountain Dew's Black Label Dark Berry is just as good as regular Mountain Dew.

Putting aside how Mountain Dew has way too many flavors and getting us back on track, I went to McDonald's the other day and ordered myself a combo meal of spicy Chicken McNuggets with sweet and sour sauce as my dipping option. I did not get the new dipping sauce that is apparently, "Mighty hot," as it is vinegar-based and sounds nasty from the descriptions I've read online. Once I was home I bit into my nuggets which were....pretty good.

Spicy Chicken McNuggets are not better than regular McNuggets, but they are a refreshing twist on the old classic. When you eat them the spice doesn't hit you right away, it creeps up a few seconds after you've begun chewing, introducing itself in a manner that makes you go, "Oh," without absolutely burning your mouth. I appreciate the heat is mellow as eating something like the new spicy chicken strips from, "Jack in the Box," burnt my mouth to a crisp when I tried them and upset my stomach to a degree that our toilet may never recover from. 

McDonald's spicy Chicken McNuggets didn't make my eyes well up with tears or have me cursing my selection an hour later as my stomach churned and burned, they just offered a pleasant hit of heat that was even better complimented by the sweet and sour sauce, in my opinion. The cooling sweet mixed that gentle heat was a real treat...I was not even trying to rhyme, but there you go; this review is clearly my, "Hamilton,"-level masterpiece.

McDonald's spicy Chicken McNuggets will probably let down people who like their spicy food really spicy if we're being honest. That said, as someone who likes a mild heat with their foods, I found the temperature of the spicy Chicken McNuggets to be perfect. I'd recommend trying them with the aforementioned sweet and sour sauce for a nice mix of flavor and will without a doubt be having them again while they're still available during a moment of weakness when I should eat a healthy meal but want McDonald's instead. Eating healthy is a process for sure. Anyways, I would rate these nuggets a delicious 5 out of 5 stars.

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