Wednesday, September 2, 2020

John Boyega is Refreshingly Honest About Being in a Franchise

When actors are in a big franchise they generally bite their tongue and don't comment if things are bad. "Star Wars," was pretty bad to Boyega, with multiple movies being unsure what to do with his character and toxic, "Fans," of the franchise harassing him for simply being Black. Since his time with, "Star Wars," has ended, Boyega has been open about how he felt it was terrible and he didn't enjoy it. Yes, he waited to be done to be completely open, but even now that would possibly put him at risk at getting the ire of Disney (who owns Star Wars and Marvel, and tons of stuff). Boyega wants to share his truth, however, and I respect that. Although it is odd he defends J.J. Abrams as his direction of two of the flicks Boyega was in could be described as quite aimless at best for characters of color.

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