Monday, September 21, 2020

The New "WandaVision," Looks Like My Kind of Weird

 I've observed/complained that some of the Marvel movies lately have had a homogenous feel. They are big and bombastic special-effects events full of wild fights and occasional jokes but they lack the weirdness I really enjoyed in the earlier films. The last Marvel movie to really, "Wow," me was the surreal and off-kilter, "Doctor Strange," for example. This is why the latest trailer for, "Wandavision," grabbed my attention as it gives off really strong horror vibes and is (in a good way). It's right above this text if you haven't seen it yet.

It starts out like a weird sitcom but morphs into something much darker and bizarre as time goes on. Is Wanda altering reality in some fashion? Is she being controlled somehow? These are all questions I imagine the show will address in some fashion and I'm actually pumped for something from Marvel for the first time in a while (the eventual, "Moon Knight," show I pray is good aside, as I'm cautiously optimistic about that for now). There are all kinds of comics this show can draw from while doing its own unique thing as well, so assuming it actually comes out in 2020 as is being claimed, I'll be watching on Disney+.

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