Thursday, September 10, 2020

"No Going Back," is a Snazzy Looking Comic Kickstarter

"No Going Back,"  is a 201-page graphic novel written by Mike Furth, illustrated by Anna Wieszczyk, and edited by Natalie Cooper. I heard about it from its publisher, Arledge Comics, who email me press releases from time to time. It is about a town that built a wall to try and keep out danger, famine, and other terrible things, but a young girl named Rebecca curious if things are as bad as they say wants to escape the prison of sorts and explore the outside World. There are clearly some metaphors at play here, and I would be interested to see where the story goes. As cool as the story sounds, the artwork by Anna Wiezczyk is what really caught my attention.

The art is frankly gorgeous with a mixture of surreal and dreamy with some stark reds and otherwise is stellar. Between a cool-sounding story and the amazing illustrations, "No Going Back," is a book to keep your eye on. It currently has a Kickstarter campaign going that you can find here should you want to back it.

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