Tuesday, September 22, 2020

Microsoft Bought Game Developer Bethesda and It Has Everyone in a Tizzy


Bethesda is a game developer behind such smash-hit series as, "Elder Scrolls," and, "Fallout." They've made a name for themselves with these games and have been involved in plenty of others. Microsoft just bought Bethesda, which dramatically alters the landscape of the so-called, "Console wars." Does this mean some huge franchise will now be exclusive to the new Xbox Series X/S and PC? Might they come to a newer-generation Switch--as Microsoft has been playing nice with Nintendo sometimes--but be purposely kept off of the PlayStation 5 for the purpose of competition and admitedly some spite? 

Microsoft has said things will be on a, "Case by case basis," but can you imagine how enraged many gamers might be if, "Elder Scrolls 6: Some Random Subtitle," is only on PC and the latest Xbox consoles? Some say we shouldn't panic yet, as Microsoft probably sees it could lose more money than it would gain making things exclusive, others might be feeling a tad antsy. As it is, this is a huge acquisition and could be a random occurrence, or a sign of things to come as the big console-makers consider trying to gain more control over the 3rd party publishers that make some of the most popular games.

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