Friday, September 27, 2019

Sony and Disney/Marvel Realize How Much Money They Could Lose, Make-Up

There was of course a lot of hubbub over the concern that Marvel's film studios and Sony's movie division were having a nasty disagreement over the continued use of Spider-Man and his associated IP properties when it came to the Marvel Cinematic Universe and whatever Sony is cooking-up with Spidey (supposedly called, "Sony's Universe of Marvel Characters," the last time I checked) and his tangentially-related films like, "Venom," "Morbius," and apparently, "Madame Web," of all things. Well, Sony and Disney (who of course owns Marvel) had their, "Come to Jesus moment," and realized how much money stood to be lost if they were quarreling instead of just coming to some kind of deal. 

There are hints this new deal may be sweeter for Sony by letting MCU-stuff appear in the other Sony movies with Spidey-characters, or maybe at least Tom Holland's Spidey will at least be able to pop-up in the other Sony flicks without issue--this has all just been announced so time will tell what exactly was worked-out beyond some initial details (namely that Marvel will be involved in one more, "Spider-Man," movie and he'll be allowed to appear in another Marvel film as further plans possibly made). Basically, all is well again in the world of super-hero movies so everyone can just calm down and quit panicking at the idea Spider-Man will never get to say, "Hi," to the Avengers again.

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