Thursday, January 19, 2023

Steve's Comic Cleaning and Pressing Service is Fantastic!

I've tried a handful of services that offer cleaning and pressing over the years, and only write about one if it really impresses me. Well, Steve of Steve's Comic Cleaning and Pressing is fantastic! He has great prices and did a superb job on a comic I submitted to him. I had an older, 'Star Trek," #3 from when it was published by Gold Key that happened to be a double cover (you've all seen me write about how I like double cover misprints). He worked on it and the issue received an overall 7.5 as CGC grades all the covers but the main grade is always the most interior one. You can see some pictures of the final slabbed comic below:

I personally want to thank Steve and I encourage everyone to give his site a visit and use his services!

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