Friday, January 27, 2023

Flashback Friday: "Simcity 4," Was the Best City-Building Game Ever

I had a post up earlier this month remarking with surprise how Trogdor turned 20 this year. Well, color me even more shocked that one of the best city-building games ever, "Simcity 4," is also two decades old this month. The, "Rush Hour," expansion is what truly made the game a masterpiece (which admittedly didn't come out until September of 2003) and I poured hours upon hours into crafting the, "Perfect," city.

I'd zone sprawling metropolises with all kinds of busy city centers and quieter suburbs along with intricate public transit designs, plenty of safety services, good schools, and quality healthcare buildings. Then I'd be over budget and have to go back to the drawing board so I didn't go bankrupt trying to keep my citizens happy whilst also maybe adding a tollbooth on a busy highway in the hopes that'd give me a boost to my finances (and not throw off the flow of traffic too dramatically). "Simcity 4," is one of my favorite games ever and still going strong thanks to a dedicated fanbase and modding community. If I can locate my old CD-ROM of it sometime perhaps I should install it, boot the game up, and see if I can manage to have a public library and fire station without going into the red.

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