Friday, January 13, 2023

Film Friday: M3GAN

"M3GAN," is a bit of a horror movie even though it isn't that scary. It's not a comedy but can be quite funny. Also, there is the titular smart and creepy robo-doll but with the rate that technology is advancing, it doesn't even seem too far-fetched or like a sci-fi flick--almost more allegorical about how we're becoming so advanced to technology we bond with it more than other humans. "M3GAN," isn't a lot of things, but it is pretty darn entertaining.

The film is quite clever at both having a message about our reliance on technology (without seeming like a dull and preachy essay) and slowly ratchets up the tension in a manner that we obviously know awful things are going to happen because of M3GAN, but we aren't exactly sure when or how violent the events will be. A ton of credit is due to the team behind M3GAN's design and physicality. She looks a bit off but not intentionally creepy (nobody would ever actually want a doll that looks like Annabelle, for example). She can move in a manner that seems mostly human but if she's glitching out looks more possessed and twitchy than an actual body could be. She's the uncanny valley staring right at us with those uncomfortably big eyes.

With a solid mixture of laughs, creepiness, and some clever social commentary, "M3GAN," is honestly better than it had to be. The flick and its creepy robot inspired so many memes and free press that it could've been a bland production and still done quite well. I'm glad the movie is actually really good. That, mixed with its box office success, makes me think we'll be seeing more of, "M3GAN," in the future if any cliffhangers in the movie are any indicator.

4 out of 5 stars.

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