Monday, January 9, 2023

People Are Really, "Excited," About the Newly Redesigned, "Clue," Characters and it Says a Lot About the Fantasy of Faux-Danger

The internet. It is a place where someone is bound to have an opinion the complete opposite of yours, no matter how absurd. Also, it is a place where everyone is horny--especially for danger. It happens often. We had folks wishing a 10-foot-tall female character from, "Resident Evil: The Village," would seduce them and possibly also step on them back in 2021, Now we have it where lots of people are hoping the cast of a newly redesigned, "Clue," will give them orgasms as opposed to blunt-force trauma--or maybe both? Seriously, I stumbled upon at least two articles on sites I frequent that covered how folks think the new box cover art for, "Clue," looks like everyone is giving you, "Come hither eyes," and/or plotting to kill you. Having looked at the cover art, I do admittedly see where people are coming from but I think the intentions do look more murderous than erotic.

While we all enjoy cute stories of happy romance, people also like danger. The risk is sexy. Hence, lots of people see the cast of Clue, notice the illustrations are a bit attractive, consider the danger that a murder might happen a sexy bonus, and get really thirsty--especially it seems for Chef White. No one wants to be in actual danger, of course, it is a fantasy. Just as people like to read erotic novels about characters in the Victorian era or a dystopian future, it is fun to imagine something dangerous and sexy. Folks role-play all kinds of stuff that would not be okay in real life because it is dangerous or illegal (if you ever actually have a naughty nurse during a hospital stay that is more likely to result in a call to HR than a letter to Penthouse). It just is interesting that of all the things that are intentionally raunchy on the internet that a whole bunch of people got horny for a game of, "Clue." I wonder if the Monopoly Man is due for a sexy redesign too? After all, what's hotter than real estate?

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