Tuesday, February 23, 2021

The Beans Have Finally Been Spilled About When Zack Snyder Tried to Make, "Justice League," the First Time

We are nearing the release date of on HBO MAX of the Zack Snyder version of, "Justice League." This may sound odd at first blush, as the initial time, "Justice League," was released it was allegedly by Zack Snyder. However, the official line was that due to the death of his daughter due to suicide, Snyder stepped away from the film and Joss Whedon came in and finished it up, making some light edits and doing a handful of reshoots. However, as time has gone on the rumors were Snyder was basically forced off the film and Whedon redid 3/4 or so of it. Vanity Fair has a big article that basically spills all the beans and turns rumors into facts. It is, "The True Story," of all everything from how Snyder got kicked-off his movie to the rise of a demand for a, "Snyder cut."

I, of course, have expressed mixed feelings of Snyder's work. I sometimes find moments of pure genius in it mixed with edgy-to-be-edgy bullshit. I truly extend my heart to him for losing his daughter as that obviously had a major impact on Snyder and the way it could be used as a throwaway excuse by the studio to toss him off his movie was sickening. I can hear it now, "He needs to step away and mourn, we swear he didn't get fed-up and quit because we're worried about the movie and will ironically end-up with something possibly even worse than we were worried about once Whedon is done!" Yeah, I'm glad Snyder got to make the movie the way he wanted, whether it turns out good or bad. 

Anyway, definitely give that article a read, it is quite interesting. Once Snyder's true vision of, "Justice League," drops at least there will be some closure for everyone, for better or worse.

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