Wednesday, February 24, 2021

I've Been Really Digging Two Songs Lately

Not my radio, but it looks cool.

I listen to the radio when driving a decent amount as well as looking for what's popular online so I can keep up on trends (I also love me some of the more obscure and weird stuff, which is why I adore Bandcamp). Two songs that have been really getting attention have been on my mind though as they are pretty darn catchy.

Giveon, "Like I Want You."

The song starts out okay with a solid weird little trippy melody and this Giveon fellow I didn't know of yet singing a bit in an impressive low voice that someone online remarked, "His voice already sounds slow and reverbed!" Then he starts the actual crooning about how he can't act like he wants someone even if he really does miss the relationship he had with them and DAMN. Giveon's voice sounds like smooth butter over the track as he gives off the impression he is just pouring his vocalized soul out for us all to witness. That chorus is straight fire and why I keep listening to this track.

Earthgang (with Wale), "Options."

Funnily enough, another song about relationships, but with a completely different theme. It's basically about a relationship that is a huge mess and Earthgang is pointing out he has options to date other people. Wale then offers a bit of a counter about still, "Needing you," in reference to the lady. It's quite short at just over 2-and-a-half minutes, but that just means it doesn't wear out its welcome. The weird little peppy beat and melody are what make this song addictive for me. The music video with Barbie doll-style figurines is hilarious too.

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