Wednesday, February 17, 2021

That, "Cruella," Trailer is...Something

I watched the trailer for Disney's live-action prequel about Cruella de Vil and have questions. Who is this movie for? It looks like a weird, "Joker," style retelling of Cruella where she is kind of the good guy? It also gives off some weird Harley Quinn-shenanigans type energy? Why does this have the vibe of a superhero/supervillain movie considering this is a prequel to a children's cartoon? A cartoon, no less, about a woman who wants to skin dogs and wear them for a coat? Oh, and again, who is this for? It doesn't really seem that kid-friendly, so are we talking a hard PG? Is this for adults who love anything Disney-related and have serious nostalgia for, "101 Damaltians? 

This doesn't look, "Bad," in the sense it seems competently made and Emma Stone is a great actress, I'm just befuddled by the whole thing. Plus, Cruella is pure villain, she has no redeeming factors, unlike some Disney bad-guys. Why are you making a movie where we seem like we are supposed to root for the lady who grows up to want to--and I can't emphasize this enough--skin dogs and wear them for a coat? This whole endeavor seems weird, but I'll probably watch it once it's streamable as Emma Stone is pretty great in anything. I ain't gonna buy a ticket to watch this weird mish-mash of concepts and ideas, however.

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