Sunday, January 17, 2021

We've Been Enjoying EveryPlate

We've tried meal kits at various points. Hello Fresh wasn't bad, but the meals could be a little elaborate with a great deal of prepping and such. Plus it was a little costly. Then we heard about EveryPlate, which is pretty cheap, easy to prepare, and still healthy. We actually recently learned it is owned by Hello Fresh as a lower-cost option (kind of like how the same company owns Old Navy, Gap, and Banana Republic). Anyway, we've been doing EveryPlate for a few weeks now and it has been good!

We've had gnocchi with pork sausage, Tuscan chicken with noodles, stuffed pork burgers, a potato chowder, black bean stew, and some tasty pork chops as well as other items. Preparing food at home is known to be better healthwise than eating out a lot and I actually saw a nutritionist a bit ago to discuss better eating. We talked about calorie-counting and eating less processed foods prepared at home. 

A chicken and rice bowl we made with EveryPlate.

I've been paying attention to calories since then and find myself astounded how a muffin from a restaurant I like can have as many calories as a whole meal from EveryPlate. I've also been trying to cut-out soda as well. Every Plate has been handy for watching what I eat while not being too crazy with over-the-top meals that take forever to prepare. Samii and I have enjoyed EveryPlate and plan to keep at it!

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