Tuesday, January 26, 2021

I Really Wish the Song, "Whoopty," was Literally About Blue Cheese

There is a new song by the music artist CJ. It is titled, "Whoopty," and is pretty catchy. It has a weird little melody with a chanting lady, a solid beat, and the lyrics are your usual bragging-while-rapping, but he does it with a solid enthusiasm and good speed of lyric-spitting. The thing I really liked about the song, however, was when he repeatedly said he was, "Addicted to blue cheese." I thought he was maybe being literal and I pictured how a music video could have him sitting at a dinner table surrounded by copious amounts of blue cheese he excitedly eats. It would just be so random. This isn't the case, sadly.

In an interview, CJ clarified he was referring to the new 100 dollar bills with, "Cheese," being like the slang of cheddar representing money. "When I say ‘blue cheese’, when you look at the new one-hundred-dollar bill, you can see a blue strip in the middle," he explained. CJ is not actually eating a ton of blue cheese due to an affinity for that unique kind of dairy product, he just is a big fan of the new printing style for Benjamins. It is still a fun little lyric, but as I said, deep down I was hoping CJ just absolutely loved blue cheese and was spending all his money from rapping on it. There are weirder things to blow your money on after all (like Bitcoin). I haven't misunderstood a rap lyric this badly since that time DRAM sang about how much he adored, "Broccoli."

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