Tuesday, June 9, 2020

"Here's to 2020," by BeBe Rexa is a Miserable Graduation Song

BeBe Rexa teamed-up with Walgreens to make a weird techno-remix of, "Pomp and Circumstance," titled, "Here's to 2020," and it turned out as awful as you'd expect. The video of the ad is above, but if you really want to make your ears bleed you can listen to the atrocious full version at this link. The lyrics are insipid ("We've got 2020 vision," is the most cliche line possible), the electronic beats over the classic song sounds like diarrhea farts echoing through a metallic can, and Rexa's voice honestly has never been my cup of tea either with its bland-and-peppy vibe.

Perhaps I'm being too hard on a 30-second spot that runs between various television programs with the simple goal of saying, "Buy your graduation gear at Walgreens even if you can't really walk or have much of a party this year due to COVID-19!" I'd argue not wanting ads to make you physically ill with terrible music is a relatively small request, however. Call me a grouch if you want, it won't make this ad any less miserable.

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