Tuesday, June 23, 2020

Dash--A Great Comic Series--Has a Kickstarter Currently for its Collection!

In past posts, I wrote about how much I enjoyed the series, "Dash," by writer Dave Ebersole and some skilled artists (Delia Gable, Vicente Rico). Published by Northwest Press, it follows the story of a 1940's detective who was a beloved hero cop until he was outed as gay and fired. Now Dash has to solve a strange mystery full of dark ancient magic while navigating life as a gay man in an era where that was a crime. It was a stellar comic with a mixture of humor, great character moments, and quite a twisty and wild plot. Now it's being collected in a trade paperback that people can fund via Kickstarter!

You can get yourself a copy of this, "Gay Noir Graphic Novel," and enjoy it too in a fully collected form with some new stories too! It's a great read regardless of your sexuality, but it is fantastic to have a story that explores life for marginalized characters in a time when they were rarely discussed (at least in any kind of manner that wasn't derogatory) or allowed to be visible without risk of physical injury or insult from others. Between the fantastic story, lovely art, and how this collection will have some new stories, I'm excited for this Kickstarter and have already backed it myself! You can do so too via this link!

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