Monday, January 22, 2018

I Love my New Business Cards From The Gallery Collection!

First off, I shall offer my standard disclaimer that no one from The Gallery Collection reached-out to me, offered me anything, or even knows who I am. Now that you know there isn't any conflict of interest with this post, I wanted to share I absolutely love my new business cards from, "The Gallery Collection," and can't believe how good a deal I got for 200 of them!

Now then, my wife saw on one of her couponing websites how The Gallery Collection--which apparently is pretty known for making fancy folders, holiday/birthday cards, and such--was having a promotion where for just $5 shipped people could get 200 business cards. I've gotten business cards from an assortment of websites to promote my blog and they usually are inexpensive and of an okay quality. Therefore, when I designed a new card on The Gallery Collection's website I didn't expect anything too special via this promotion. Well, today I got my cards, a snazzy business card holder, a free business-type folder, and some sample greeting cards. It was a gorgeous package of goodies and I only had to pay a Lincoln for it (Lincoln's on the $5 bill, for those who don't get my slang). Check out both sides of my card and see how great it is:

The card is on the thickest and glossiest stock I've ever encountered (without paying a bunch of upcharges for a fancier card) and it just feels impressive in my hands. Plus, the business card holder they threw-in for free can hold a bunch of cards and will be handy when I'm at various conventions for handing-out my card without having a to keep a jumble of them in my pocket or a tote bag--plus I have a business card holder my wife gave me some years ago so it can hold cards I get from people and this one can be used to distribute my own!

I am so pleased with the quality of my business cards, the awesome extra stuff I got, and how much care The Gallery Collection put into such a well-priced offer. They could have done the bare minimum considering I paid so little but they went all-out. I for sure am going to be a repeat customer and encourage anyone else looking for quality printed supplies to check them out too.

Disclaimer: Again, The Gallery Collection did not pay me to make this post or request I do so, I just really love my cards! That said, I am going to email them and tell them how happy I am!

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  1. Thanks for the kind words David. We are glad you like the cards!