Monday, January 8, 2018

So, Comics at the Local Newsstand is Basically Dead, Yeah?

Back when you had to walk two miles to the newsstand for your comics, both ways uphill!
Hey, all you older folk, remember the days back when you would go to the local newsstand and comic books would be there? Hell, I'm not super-old and even I, as someone who lived in some small towns, have fond memories of going to a store in town which was full of newspapers, magazines, and comics. Over time that seemed to change though and now comics are mainly found at stores dedicated to just them as opposed to also at the newsstand, which seems to be not necessarily dying out, but having to evolve. 

Places I remember going to full of newsprint now have moved more in other various directions.  One in Upstate New York I liked getting comics from now is a bit more focused on being a tobacco specialty shop that also has an assortment of sodas and alcohols. Back when I lived in that region the guy in charge of ordering magazines and comics had really good taste and that is how I got into some of the weirder Marvel titles you wouldn't necessarily expect at a newsstand where one would normally expect just, "X-Men," as opposed to my beloved, "Moon Knight." That guy went on to become a full-time DJ however and the store now--as I said--is more of a place to get a newspaper, a soda, and a specialty cigar.
The only B&N within Saint Louis located in a mall, the others are just by it.
There was one last beacon of newsstands selling comics that was a big deal--some years ago Barnes and Noble and DC inked a pact to sell comics on the B&N newsstands. It was cool idea, and one that now apparently is dead. Whenever I would go to Barnes and Noble I'd see some DC books and other random comics (an, "Archie," maybe), but I guess that day is gone. I suppose that may very well be the final nail in the coffin for comics on the newsstand, eh?

Am I wrong? Does anyone who reads the blog have a newsstand-type store that inexplicably has a massive comic selection that brings them immense joy and reading pleasure? If so please tell me because that sounds really cool. I mean, besides that place in my little city, a town over there was another big newsstand place that didn't change much and the last time I visited it had shut down and become some random organic food store. That was depressing.

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