Monday, January 30, 2023

I'm Outright Worried About IDW

Back in 2019, I was, "A tad concerned," for IDW. Then I was, "Quite concerned," in 2020. They've had issues since then and with the financial data about their 2022 now coming to light in early 2023, I'm just outright worried. IDW posted big losses with its publishing department struggling and having a bigger loss in 2022 than 2021, it is troubling. The entertainment division was a saving grace, posting revenues, but not enough to offset a general loss for the entire company..albeit less of a loss than 2021, so yah? 

The quote that sticks with in the article about their losses is, "While the company had around $10 million in cash at the end of the period, in its annual report the company said it may need to raise another $7-$10 million to fund losses over the next couple of years." I mean, what happens if they don't raise the money to fund losses? It is disquieting. Between AfterShock and their bankruptcy as well as Heavy Metal (we have no clue still what's going on there) there is a lot going on in comics. I'm sure there will be more as all this develops.


  1. Go woke, go broke applies here. 😂

    1. I mean, in what way would that phrase apply? I haven't seen IDW do anything especially political. Just an assortment of licensed properties in the publish.