Tuesday, January 31, 2023

Television Tuesday: All These Reboots/Retools and My Favorite Cancelled Show Remains Ignored. Bring Back, "The Mick," You Cowards!

We are in an era where shows are getting rebooted/restarted at a dizzying pace. Some of these shows are great and some are getting really bad reviews. We've got older shows in the form of, "Night Court," somewhat recent programs like, "That 90's Show," retooling of the 70's iteration, and there is, "Velma," which is a really different take on, "Scooby-Doo," without Scooby-Doo (reception to it has been mixed). All of those just came out in January with plenty of rebooted/retooled shows happening in 2022 and even more on the way for 2023. "Frasier," is coming back, there is going to be a, "Zoey 102," and I just sit here enraged one show that ended up canceled is sitting ignored. Bring back, "The Mick," you cowards!

I just don't get it. We've got ,"Bel-Air," "Fraggle Rock," Karate Kid movies became a beloved series with, "Cobra Kai," not to mention, "Sex and City," which returned with new seasons after some flicks. "Quantum Leap," got a reboot, "Proud Family," came back, and "The Mick" just gathers dust. I loved it from the start and throughout its two amazingly dark and hilarious seasons. Kaitlin Olson's take on the titular character was a hoot and the supporting cast cracked me up as well. Mick was a sleazy troublemaker put in charge of raising some rich relatives after her sister fled a Federal indictment, but things just got stranger and weirder throughout the show. I miss it hope with basically all the shows these days coming back it will eventually get its time in the sun again.

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