Saturday, January 28, 2023

I Tried that New Starry Soda--A Review

Pepsico announced it was getting rid of Sierra Mist and in its place, we'd be getting something called, "Starry." Reactions to this news were mixed. Some folks really like Sierra Mist and others were totally indifferent to the drink that Pepsi basically created in an attempt to compete with Sprite. Starry has been hitting store shelves and I've tried it. It's fine.

Starry tastes more like Sprite than Sierra Mist did, so if that was the Pepsi Corporation's whole point of doing this, then congrats to them. It has that crisp almost, "Spicy," kick that Sprite has, but otherwise is not special in any way. It just tastes a lot like Sprite. Now, I wasn't overly connected to Sierra Mist as I've always preferred Sprite, but settled for Sierra Mist when necessary. Now, I'll basically prefer Sprite and settle for Starry when the situation calls for it. I'm apparently an old Millenial, however, and this drink is targeted squarely at those Gen-Z kids who refuse to get off my lawn. Perhaps they'll dig it, but I'm indifferent.

3 out of 5 stars.

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