Sunday, January 29, 2023

The First ToyMan of 2023 Was a Load of Fun!

Readers of my blog may recall I missed the last ToyMan Show due to being sick for more than half of December with various ailments (I dealt at various points with flu-type stuff, food poisoning, sinus stuff, and otherwise being miserable). Well, thankfully I am currently in good health and could attend the ToyMan show today. It was a great time and I'm so happy I went there!

This Toyman kicked off with me talking to my good friend Spike of Lost in Space Toys and Collectibles. He had his usual assortment of awesome toys for sale. I also saw Jack Thomas of Fortress Comics at this show, he said how he was excited to be at ToyMan! Jack had a ton of awesome stuff and I picked up a number of things from him as a bundle deal, including a, "Shanna the She-Devil," #1--a funny one to pick up as I have a friend with a similar name who loves the character too so they'll get a kick out of seeing I got a copy. Here's a picture:

I chatted with my chum Tim Metzger and enjoyed seeing John Chaffee of Bigfoot Comics and Collectibles too! Next, I admired some very cool comics that Tom of Alliance Comics, Toys, and Games had brought. Toys of our Youth was at the show and had tons of great items for sale. I also had a chance to chat with Larry of Bug's Comics and Games. He had the usual assortment of incredible vintage comics and more modern stuff available too (I always gasp at some of the Silver Age keys he has for sale).

Next, I saw my good friend Brian Lan who always is kind enough to, "Like" my Facebook posts sharing my blog articles. I then had a chance to chat with Vince from VK Toys. He had a bunch of stellar comics and I was able to acquire an issue of, "Avengers," featuring the first appearance of Count Nefaria. Here is a picture of that:

The upstairs area was where headed after catching up with everyone in the downstairs region. I saw my friend, author Jessica Mathews. She has a new book coming out soon featuring a Lepruchan that I can't wait to get for Clarkson! She also had her friend Jocelyn sitting by her at the neighboring table, who had written a book of poetry! Titled, "This is a Closed Book," it is about mental health and personal growth from trauma. 

I saw the always-awesome Lindsay Hornsby of Mega Giganto selling her superb prints, comics, stickers, and more. Author Debbie Manbe Kupfer was at ToyMan too and I had the pleasure of meeting her for the first time. She had a great assortment of books and I purchased, "Adana the Earth Dragon," for Clarkson to enjoy reading with us. Check out this picture of the book:

The first ToyMan show of 2023 was so much fun. I got some really cool stuff and enjoyed seeing all the awesome people who frequent the event! I would encourage you to attend the next show on March 12th, which you can find details about on the ToyMan website. If you love comics, toys, Funko, diecast cards, Legos, vintage video games, or basically anything folks like to collect, you'll probably find it at ToyMan!

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