Wednesday, March 23, 2022

Zestworld Brings in Big Talent for its Own Digital Comics Platform

Substack has become an interesting little platform for digital comics. It hasn't totally upended the comic-book industry by any means with its subscriptions to creators who put out newsletters and fun comics, but it has been intriguing to witness. Marvel has been doing more with digital comics via its Infinity-branded ones--of which even more projects were recently announced as coming. Now, we have another entity with its sights set on entering the digital comic space--Zestworld.

Zestworld is launching a digital comics subscription service and got 9.37 million dollars in funding to do so. This money has gone towards getting some solid talent involved and (one assumes) building a good way to read the comics, promote this new platform, and so forth. Some big names are involved such as, "Amanda Conner, Jimmy Palmiotti, Peter J. Tomasi, Eric Canete, Phil Jimenez, and Alex Segura among many others." Creators will own the rights to their comics, which is nice to hear. Whether Zestworld works out or falls apart will pretty much rest on the quality of the comics and how easy/difficult they are to read digitally. I am quite curious how this will work out.

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