Saturday, March 19, 2022

"Dying Light 2," is a Great Time of a Game

I don't play video-games a ton lately, but when I do I hope to have a good time. "Dying Light 2," is a great time. Running around a desolate city doing parkour while I fight the occasional zombie or evil human is kinetic and fun. Exploring buildings for useful knick-knacks while clambering around and trying to avoid hibernating zombies is intense and neat as well. Creating unique little weapons with fun effects that really stagger or slice up the zombies is obviously a hoot too. I've seen some folks be critical of the storyline as well but I actually think it is pretty good (of what I've played), especially when compared to the first game; the first, "Dying Light," just had you as the most generic soldier ever whereas this one introduces some fun story beats. I haven't played a ton of, "Dying Light 2," but what I have is a ton of fun on my PlayStation.

Due to only playing a solid earlier chunk of the game without unlocking some of the other items/skills that sound awesome I won't offer an in-depth review or rating of, "Dying Light 2." I'll just say that what I have played is great so far and anytime I do have some minutes or an hour to play the game I've been pleased. I'd fully recommend giving, "Dying Light 2," a try based on what I have experienced of it.

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