Tuesday, December 3, 2019

The, "Black Widow," Movie Trailer is Online

The trailer for, "Black Widow," looks decent. It clearly has a lot of spy-style action as this is a more espionage-themed Marvel movie. Also, as this is a prequel (due to how things end-up for Black Widow in, "Endgame," e.g. she is dead) I imagine it maybe sets-up future stuff--perhaps more Taskmaster later on, or the appearance of William Hurt as Thunderbolt Ross hints at the long-rumored idea of a, "Thunderbolts," flick or Disney+ show. I mean, I imagine that is the idea, otherwise, it is kind of random to finally be making a, "Black Widow," movie considering how, as I mentioned, the Scarlett Johansson version ain't exactly in the MCU now. Plus, with Yelena Belova appearing here I imagine she'll take on the mantle of, "Black Widow," perhaps. Should the movie be great or mediocre, David Harbour as the Red Guardian looks pretty entertaining at least.

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