Monday, December 2, 2019

Clipper Coffee is Some Good Stuff

I am of course someone who greatly enjoys coffee and as such, I am always looking for new kinds to enjoy. The other weekend I was with my wife and son at one of the local grocery chains known as, "Dierberg's," and a nice man named Tom Charleville was sampling the wares of Clipper Coffee Company. It is his business which is based here Saint Louis and specializes in roasting in small batches right here in STL. I gave it a taste and was pretty impressed, although it was a bit lighter than I like as I normally brew my coffee as dark as the void of space. With that in mind, I bought some to bring home and brew to my specifications. Once I made a pot the way I like (very strong) I drank some more and it tasted just as good super-dark as it did a bit lighter. Yes, my friends, Clipper Coffee is some good stuff.

I think what I liked most about Clipper Coffee is how even when I made it dark there was no bitter taste, just a nice strong smoothness. This probably is due to the, "European Standard Quality," the website discusses using for its whole bean and ground coffee that is exercised for its delicious and unique blend of Costa Rican, Guatemalan, and Colombian beans. I found the regular ground blend of Clipper Coffee to be superb and imagine their decaf offering to be stellar too (and as I mentioned, whole bean options exist for both regular and decaf too).

Should you live in the Saint Louis region you can purchase Clipper Coffee at Dierbergs, Fresh Thyme, and Lucky's Market. They also ship via their website's store should you live somewhere else and want to give this coffee a try. I was very impressed with Clipper Coffee and plan to continue buying it. I thank Tom for doing his samples at Dierbergs and introducing me to this delicious brew!

Note: This is not a paid post or advertisement. I simply love Clipper Coffee and felt like making a post discussing my affinity for it. I will be notifying Clipper Coffee Company I made this post but they otherwise are completely unaware of my blog--I was simply offered a sample at Dierberg's when shopping and loved what I tasted!

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