Sunday, December 1, 2019

"Earthbreakers," is an Upcoming Game With a Clever Genre Blend

When it comes to video-games it is common to mix-up genres. There will be role-playing games that maybe incorporate puzzles, driving games with bits of jumping and platforming, etc. One thing that I always have found fascinating is when video-games mix real-time strategy with other stuff like first-person games. It has been dabbled in before, with the mostly forgotten game, "Savage," where one player would play it like a RTS and also try to send directives to those playing in the first-person (people didn't always listen). I recall one of the, "Battlefield," games having a, "Commander," feature too that kind of did something similar. These were multiplayer games, however, and while some single-player games did this as well, it always seems to be a little screwy when an RTS/FPS blend is attempted in either style, with multiplayer being especially tricky as people don't always work together that well. Well, "Earthbreakers," looks cool and may simply work great as opposed to being wonky.

"Earthbreakers," will have multiple teams of players that have their own equipment sets doing RTS tasks together while running around doing first-person shenanigans. It seems everyone will have the ability to be doing both RTS and FPS activities, which will perhaps help boost a feeling of teamwork as opposed to in some of the games I named where it was a singular player in the RTS-mode sometimes seeming to be bossing-around everybody else. I'll be keeping an eye on, "Earthbreakers," while it is in development and hope it comes to consoles eventually as right now it is just for computers, and my laptop is way too weak for games.

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