Friday, December 6, 2019

Author and Friend of the Blog J.E. Nelson Has Released Her Latest Book!

I've written about author J.E. Nelson before. Some time ago she released the first book of her, "The Power Within," series that follow a young girl 12-year old girl named Daphne who has Autism and finds her way through the World as things get pretty bad and post-apocalpyptic. Ms. Nelson had told me the second book in the series was nearing its release soon the last time we chatted and now that time has come! "The Power Unleashed," has just been released and can be found on Amazon should you be interested in following the continuing adventures of Daphne.

If the books sound intriguing but you have not yet read the first, you can find it on Amazon as well. Also, should you be in the area and want to buy a copy of either book from Ms. Nelson in person she will be one of the guests at the upcoming Toyman Show December 8th (the last one was rad as always)! See ya there!

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