Sunday, April 8, 2018

Zedd is a Terrible Excuse for Electronica

Anton Zaslavski AKA Zedd.
Makes terrible Electronic music.
Zedd is just awful. Now, I am not some kind of annoying eletronica/techno fan who hates anything popular just because other people enjoy it. I've never hid that I'm a fan of Paul Van Dyk, for instance, and some folk decry him as one of the most commercial electronic music-makers there are. That said, I have to say Zedd makes some of the most bland, blatantly syrupy pop-techno I've ever heard.

Perhaps if you're in a club when, "Clarity," comes on it is good to dance to. However, besides a solid beat all its has are utterly nonsensical lyrics sung by a moderately talented lady and a predictable fast-and-loud-followed-by-quiet-and-slow rhythm. The latest big song from Zedd is actually so commercial you've probably heard it in literal commercials for Target. It is, "The Middle," and again features a solid beat but otherwise is...nonsensical lyrics sung by a moderately talented lady accompanied by alternately speedy or slow melodies.
Paul Van Dyk.
Also makes popular electronica but his stuff is good.
The kind of music Zedd creates makes me feel like someone wanted to cynically produce the most obnoxiously pop-styled techno possible. It's just supposedly-catchy melodies with a nice voice spitting out word-vomit. There is so much more electronic music out there--commercial as well as less-known stuff--that is a great deal better, and yet Zedd's music gets played on the radio or pops-up in ads for Target (seriously Target, I love your stores but then you gotta support such a crappy artist), its disheartening. Do yourself a favor and seek-out something better if you're looking for quality electronica/techno/etc.

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