Wednesday, April 18, 2018

April 2018 News and Links to Accompany the Insane Weather

Cold, Hot, Rainy, Snowy, Etc.
If only April could be so serene.
They say April showers bring May flowers, but based on the absurd weather out here in Saint Louis I have to ask what April flurries bring? Seriously, I feel like we've had more snow, ice, and hail in this month than any other of what was our past Winter, and then after night where its freezing cold suddenly we flirt with an 80-degree day! The rest of America is dealing with sporadic bouts of heat, cold, and storms as well, oh and the rest of Earth continues to have the climate warm in dangerous ways too, short-term weather aside. Let's try to forget about all that for at least a short bit however and enjoy some quality news and links, shall we?

Interesting Stuff To Examine
Let's start with some wonderful news: Kendrick Lamar won a Pulitzer Prize for his musical talent. He's the first non-classical or jazz artist to do so. My many posts about the man show I feel he is a genius, so it is always nice to see that recognized by others as well!

Check-out this guide about the best way to introduce your kid to horror movies if they're into scary stuff. I myself enjoy fright-flicks but my wife mostly hates them. Time will tell how Clarkson feels!

This huge piece by Vulture about, 'The 100 Pages That Shaped Comics," is fascinating. It's of course subjective and countless people will go, "What about such-and-such a page?" but it still is interesting in that it takes a single page from various comic-works and elaborates on the importance or impact of those comics.
The first, "Iron Man," continues to be a modern classic.
Rewatching the original MCU flicks sounds like it could be fun just to see where it all started. Heidi McDonald has been doing so, finding she quite enjoyed, "Iron Man," remembered just how forgettable, "Incredible Hulk," was and loved, "Captain America."

The, "Far Cry," series needs to let things break again, in more ways than one, as this article argues.

"Cathy," as a comic-strip was something I would skim as a kid between reading the other strips in the newspaper I liked more. I think I, "Got," it even as a kid--"Oh, she really like chocolate and is stressed?"--but just was never that impressed by the strip. I didn't hate it however as many seemed to, and now decades after it began and 8 years after its end The Comics Journal has an interesting essay, "On Hating Cathy."
"Alias," was a favorite comic of mine and its years-later follow-up, "Jessica Jones," was solid too. The character's creator, Brian Michael Bendis, is leaving Marvel for DC and Michael Gayados has  almost always illustrated the character's best stories (by Bendis) and even if Gayados sticks around for the inevitable re-launch it won't be the same. This piece about the conclusion of Bendis' time with the character is a solid read.

So many video-games involve killing stuff, which can get old. What is this though? An open-world game where your protagonist paints instead of killing countless stuff? Sounds interesting and like something I'll keep an eye on for its release in the hopefully-near future!

The stellar CW show, "Black Lightning," just wrapped its first season. I am extremely pleased it is getting a second and only expect more good things!

Someone who hates Tom Brady and despises meal kits as well tried the Tom Brady meal kit to hilarious results. I personally think meal kits are cool but also hate Tom Brady for many of the reasons the article discusses (he's a cheater, he's entitled, he just is a jerk) so I enjoyed reading it,

So-called reporter and known moron Sean Hannity had relentlessly been defending Donald Trump and Trump's lawyer, Michael Cohen, without revealing he actually had Cohen as his lawyer too. This is the kind of conflict of interest you see at a level I couldn't imagine, but its a reporter at Fox News so who expects any ethics from the people there (besides Shepard Smith, the one decent human being on the Fox News payroll)?

To conclude, this article has a clever headline ("I Blame Chris Brown,") and is a great exploration of the complexities of race, music, and the audiences of that music via a lame song titled, "Freaky Friday," that has a rapper I've generally found mediocre--Lil' Dickey, and a singer with quite a lot of baggage--Chris Brown--engaging in a body-swap to supposedly hilarious results. The punchline to the song is Kendall Jenner talking about her vagina, so yeah.

Stay Dry
I'm never this happy to get rained on
No matter what kind of precipitation you are dealing with where you live, I hope you can stay dry and comfortable.

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