Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Links, Yet Again!

What Do We Want? Links! When Do Want Them? Why Not Now?
If you ever read this blog by now you know the drill. I find things on the internet that I consider interesting, I share a link to them, you follow it if you want, and we all learn something new. At least, that's the idea, I think.

Them-Thar Links
Comics Alliance will on occasion do snazzy write-ups of various comic series or story arcs. This piece on when Moon Knight recently re-launched under then pen of Ellis, Shalvey, and Bellaire is another one of those solid reads.

Reading about the, "Odd History of the First Erotic Computer Game," provides you with a fascinating exploration of what was basically the first dirty computer game--although because it was text-only much of the raunchy-aspects were being imagined by the player typing commands. Oh, and the game's name was, "Softporn," like software and porn. Yeah, the 1970's and 80's were different.Note this link is potentially not-safe-for-work despite not having any actual nudity, just a hint of it.
Speaking of video-games, I haven't played the well-reviewed, "Dragon Age: Inquisition" yet, but have heard almost only positive things. One interesting thing I'd seen mention of is that "Inquisition" features a transgender man known as Krem as one of the members of your questing-party. This article about how much work went into making the character seem like a real person and not just a stereotype makes for a cool read.

Because I feel like sharing a lot about video-games today,lets discuss the importance of NPCs (non-player characters) in games and how it can be hard to make them feel, "real," in a sense.
I've liked all the newer James Bond movies with Daniel Craig (yes, I'm even one of those people who strongly defend "Quantum of Solace" as being a really good film), but agree they aren't perfect. This editorial about how misogyny has often been an issue in all Bond films past and present is interesting and presents a valid viewpoint on how as we continue having more films in the Bond franchise we have a chance to see even more strong female characters--not just the usual damsel in distress.

While we are discussing movies, it is always worthwhile to talk about how useless the PG-13 rating is. I mean, ratings in general from the MPAA have been shown to be a crock of phooey, but the PG-13 rating really waters things down, as is discussed here.
One topic covered by the info-graphic.
Just so you know your rights, USA Today has created a neat info-graphic about what you can and cannot do during a random police encounter on the street.

The CIA lied about engaging in torture, even though it was arguably unconstitutional to do so? Wow, color-me-not-surprised at all. I mean seriously, you had Bush and Dick Cheney saying how, "Enhanced interrogation," was important, but now some foreign countries have called for them to be tried for war crimes. What a world.

Lastly, because I like to end with news that sounds absurd, it seems in June DC comics may do a mini re-launch. Yes, the same company that did the whole Universe-reboot in 2011 might have a smaller re-launch of sorts. Really? I mean really?

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