Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Random Comic and Video-Game News

Seeing as how it has been awhile since a news round-up, I thought I would present a few things that caught my eye due to their being interesting or completely absurd.
  • Infamous 2 will let players build their own levels. That sounds awesome. I never finished the first game for some reason but recall really enjoying it.
  • Dark Beast will be in Uncanny X-Force. I love this character when he is written well and Rick Remender has so far been doing amazing stuff with this comic, so having Dark Beast (whom I don't recall seeing since the great Dark X-Men) pop up is just icing on the cake.
  • A game device I don't recall ever even hearing about has been canceled with no one caring.
  • Two posters for X-Men First Class have been released and they are not too shabby.
  • In a marketing event that reaches new levels of stupidity, to promote the upcoming game Homefront, company THQ is planning a big protest of North Korea. You see, in the game a unified Korea invade the United States or something, so by hiring actors to pretend they care about a very real issue to promote a piece of entertainment THQ thinks they are doing a public services while in fact the whole thing seems to be in terrible taste and utterly stupid. The sad thing is the game actually looks like it may be kind of good.
That's your morning sampler of news, may your day be fun and productive, or at least not terrible and pointless

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