Tuesday, March 8, 2011

A Few Notes on The Blog's Status and News-Bits.

 I have been pleased to see my blog viewership steadily increase over time since it first started with all of 3 or 4 views a day in December--and those views were mainly people I knew who I told to check out my blog. I've also gotten the hand of how to do photos and videos and other tricks to a point where my old posts look plain amateurish. I won't be changing them though because I feel I shouldn't change history or whatever.

It is going to be more difficult for me to post starting this Friday and for a week until next Friday due to my laptop being unavailable for various reasons. I hope to get stuff up but it may be a bit lighter than usual. Unless of course I can crank out a ton of posts before I stop being able to use my laptop for a week (it really needs another upgrade/I need a new PC but that is out of the question since getting the iPad) and have to use the somewhat difficult blogging app on the iPad or public computers (God bless libraries).

Alright, now some news:
  • I've been pretty vocal about how I think The Comics Journal website is pretty terrible and how once they stopped Journalista I stopped going at all. Therefore, imagine my surprise when upon hearing of the new site design and checking it out I actually found the thing...visually pleasing. It's well organized, has a good picture-to-text ratio and otherwise is the complete opposite of what it was upon initially launching. Hopefully the articles and content equal the new great design. I'll actually be going to the website again now. Check it out here for yourself.
  • Thank you, Nancy Gibbs, for pointing out that by defunding Planned Parenthood or Title X you will actually increase the amount of unwanted pregnancies and abortions. Whether for or against abortion, I think we can agree an entity which has 97% of its services go towards cancer screening, regular check-ups, and more is not some evil monster because 3% of what it does may relate to abortion. Actually, some people may disagree with even that, which is their right. But do you really want to rob the millions of people helped by that 97% of services just to make a point about the 3%?
  • A great article on Wildcats 3.0, of which I have both books now--so I eventually should get around to turning in a review of each.
  • In another idiotic move, Ultimate Spider-Man #160 (where I assume he dies) will be released already in a ploy-bag. In other words, by merely opening the bag and reading the comic you have supposedly destroyed its value. People, comics are for reading, not putting in a bag or between two slabs of plastic with a CGC rating of 9.0 or some stupid bullshit (sorry for the swearing, but it bugs me).
  • Writer Nick Spencer (of a bunch of stuff but espeically the great T.H.U.N.D.E.R. Agents) has signed an exclusive deal to write only for Marvel. Don't panic though, as part of the deal he gets to keep writing what may be my favorite DC book at the moment that isn't written by Grant Morrison.
  • Angry Birds is coming to Facebook. I heard the game was addicting so I avoided it, but after downloading a free version for my new iPad I am hooked. This will just make people waste even more time on Facebook now that they have essentially combined two potent drugs into one. Like one of those weird PCP-Cannabis things I heard about at a conference on drugs. That was an interesting conference I attended for my work/volunteer job.

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